Legends of Kildare VR Experience

The centrepiece of our work for Kildare Heritage centre is Legends of Kildare, an immersive VR film that draws on myth and history to tell the stories of Brigid, Fionn mac Cumhaill, the Normans and Kildare.

Animation - IDA 2021 | Computer Generated Character IDA 2021

Highly recommend to anyone with an interest in Irish / Local History. The VR brings history to life throught this exiciting medium - simply a must do for all ages. Brilliant!

- Tripadvisor

Kildare Town was once a major ecclesiastical centre and a tactically important settlement right through the middle ages. Kildare Heritage Centre, with funding from Fáilte Ireland, wanted to bring the story of Kildare to a wider audience through an engaging, family-friendly experience.

Working with our VR developers, EPIC was charged with the task of bringing some of most well-known characters from Ireland’s past to life. Brigid, pagan Goddess and Christian saint, Fionn mac Cumhaill, fearless leader of Ireland’s ancient warrior class and Anglo-Norman Lord, Strongbow – are associated with Kildare town.

As part of the formative work, EPIC engaged with client stakeholders and visitors to the centre in order to establish a clear narrative framework. We then researched the historical periods and wrote the script. We then developed a storyboard for the VR experience which brought the visitor through three different periods of Kildare’s past. Each ‘chapter’ focused on a different element of Kildare’s story, encompassing the historical and mythological. EPIC oversaw the production of the 3D animation for the VR piece in line with our detailed story boards.

VIdeo Showcase

The VR experience is available in English, Irish, French, German and Mandarin. EPIC managed the script translation via a third party. With the support of our audio recording partner, we cast voice actors in five languages and directed their performances with the help of language monitors where necessary. We commissioned an original score for the work.

We redesigned the existing interpretation at Kildare Heritage Centre. Our interpretive plan called for a completely new fit-out for the entire building.

The upstairs area would be dedicated to the VR experience and ground floor level, we added new graphic interpretation and a multi-lingual information touchscreen to help direct visitors to other nearby attractions. Determining the colour palette, developing a brand identity and way-finding signage also fell into EPIC’s remit.

We project managed the fabrication of exhibition elements and managed the entire installation works. We delivered the entire project within budget in a very tight timeframe.

Project Details:

Client: Kildare Heritage

Date: December 2018 to August 2019

Location: Kildare town

Collaborated with:
Alphaset, Bitsixteen, Emagine Media

    Services Provided

  • Interpretive design
  • Design of visitor flow and interiors
  • Development of themes and narrative arc
  • Character design / Mood boards
  • Storyboards for AV
  • Script writing
  • Direction of animation
  • Casting and direction of voice actors
  • Liaison with Failte Ireland
  • Project management

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